Become an Emotional Wisdom Trainer and Enter an Elite Group of Life Changers

Imagine what it would be like to be an Emotional Wisdom Trainer.

You would be expertly trained in resolving conflicts that exist between an individual’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and what the truth actually is for them.

Your clients will discover how to support themselves and others in more effective and life-affirming ways.Universe-1.jpg

  • Can you see where this kind of personal growth might take them?
  • Can you visualize what this might do for your own future, as you begin to see success story after success story as a result of your work?

When you are trained as an Emotional Wisdom Specialist you will become an integral part of one of the most advanced Life Coaching systems in the world, based on the tested, tried and true trinity of Science, Psychology and Spiritual Awareness.

Here’s What Makes this Different from Traditional Life Coaching

Unlike life coaching and the usual NLP techniques, Emotional Wisdom Training is a value based, motivation-orientated, essence driven, deeply personal process, focused on your client’s true purpose in life—their core truth. When you work from the core you tap directly into their source of inner strength, which is a much more direct, intensified approach to halting challenges, roadblocks and obstacles dead in their tracks.

When this happens, the client is more quickly able to start making life changes, as they nimbly move through whatever difficulty they thought was stopping them, replacing it in their thoughts with something more positive, and as such, it translates into a touching moment, blessing, or even miracle.

As an Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist you get to bear witness to this on a daily basis. This is powerful stuff—and deeply satisfying.

Industry professionals who make a living at training life coaches are continually amazed at just how unique, powerful and simple the Emotional Wisdom Training process truly is.

New Core Alignment Coaching Classes Starting

Core Alignment Coaching and Emotional Wisdom Training bring you the “Core Principles of Neuro Linguistic Coaching.” This is beneficial for people who are committed to making a difference and are ready to show up fully.  During the 10 weeks, dive into the tools and processes that have a lasting impact on your clients’ lives and lead to more success in your business.

Make the best use of your time and your clients’ time by solving the conflicts that exist between the subconscious and unconscious arenas. Transform the relationship with time from the inside out, as awareness and acceptance align and awaken the possibilities for change.

The core principals of CAT and NLPC are to stand in the position that everyone is whole, perfect, creative, resourceful and making the best decisions with the information they currently have; and that it is our place as coaches to support the gathering and accessing of internal information.

See how the language used actually has the ability to do the following:

  • change our state of being,
  • associate fully into successful living
  • experience the difference global listening makes
  • love more of what you do
  • accept more fully your skills and challenges
  • dive into trusting your intuition
  • travel through time to the future being created by language and actions

This course will add to your life and to the lives of those you work with, as you experience the best use of your skills, and add to your present abilities. Click here to listen to the podcast of the Introduction to the class.

A 10 week course, “Core Principles of Neuro Linguistic Coaching,” runs from Wednesday. 2/12/14 through Friday 5/2/14. The Wednesday classes are at 6:30pm PST and Friday classes are at 8:00 am PST every week.

Contact me as soon as possible to sign up. Classes fill up fast.

Ask about the several ways to participate: as a client, as a participating client or as a coach-in-training.



Begin the process of becoming an Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist today. 

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