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The Core Alignment Coaches are an elite squad of individuals who have devoted their professional lives to guiding and mentoring people from a place of stagnation to a place of joy, fulfillment and lasting peace of mind.

Throughout our lives all kinds of events, incidents and accidents happen to us. These events are attached to reactions, thoughts and feelings, which then create new beliefs or attach to old beliefs. These beliefs either limit or motivate, depending on your reaction.

With Core Alignment work, you recognize what is real and true today, in the present moment, and choose resourceful responses. You move from reacting from the past to responding toward your future—all while taking purposeful action in the present.

So take a look at our dream team and see for yourself how qualified and gifted they are. Then contact the Core Alignment Coach of your choice for your free consultation!

Diana Ferguson

DianaFergusonDiana has been trained in the Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson College and has completed the Life Principles Integration Process program from Centerpointe Research Institute, among other related courses and workshops. She is a 20-year veteran teacher and trainer who came to Core Alignment Coaching while going through a major life transition, and it helped her find balance in her own life. Diana’s passion is and has always been to help others be all they can be — and in her practice that starts with Core Alignment. “Given the freedom of self-expression we enjoy today, it’s more important than ever to connect with our core values so we can live from them, creating lives that are in balance with who we really are.” (Diane is also fluent in Spanish.) Contact Diana

Nora Coolridge

NoraCoolridgeNora is a certified Core Alignment Coach, and a certified Yoga Therapist teaching Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Core Alignment Yoga at the Ashland Yoga Center, and she is also a wife and mother. Nora makes clear that you are already whole, perfect and complete, and are doing the best that you can with the information that you have available to you. Combining her skills, knowledge and experience she will guide you in gathering the missing information that will set you free. “When we are aligned with our core we live in a world filled with delight, wonder and fearlessness.” Contact Nora

John McMillan

JohnMcmillansJohn is the first Australian to specialize in Core Alignment Coaching and brings much passion, humor, irreverence, mystical curiosity and an adventurous mind to his practice. He has discovered himself through constant contact with a power far more vast than himself, through his connection with others, through prayer and meditation, and through his writing and speaking. John continually develops and integrates all that he has been immersed in for more than three decades, and is absolutely committed to sharing his journey with you.“You become what you think about, whether you are aware of it or not. You can find your way—you must—one moment, one decision, one day at a time.” Contact John

Kate Michels

KateMichelsKate is the founder and CEO of Core Alignment Coaching. She is a best-selling author and motivational speaker, an internationally recognized coach of coaches with clients in thirteen countries and counting, and is the Answer Woman for the Life Principles Integration Process program with Centerpointe Research Institute. As a Professional Certified Life Coach, Core Alignment Specialist, she is an expert at assisting others to live aligned in truth. Using the parameters of traditional counseling, mentoring, and psychology, Kate has applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching to simplify Core Alignment into five steps of success for manifesting miracles every day. Her steps are included in best-selling books with many of the experts recognized today in the self-help movement, such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield. As a Transformational Trainer and Solution Focused Coach her clients have experienced lasting resolutions with everything from bi-polar disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders, and sleep issues, to the normal struggles of everyday living. “I coach people to be in alignment with what is real, true and driving them to make miracles happen in their daily lives as CEO’s, coaches, students and complex human beings.” Contact Kate 

Gina Nemcek

GinaMnemcekGina’s greatest strength as a Core Alignment and Values Coach comes from the fact that she has worked through the course herself. She has a degree in Human Services and planned on a career in counseling, but after being exposed to Core Alignment Coaching she saw how meaningful, honest and truly authentic it was. She is now living her passion as a coach, changing lives and enjoying her own. Gina’s value coaching can help you resolve conflicts and enable you to make the positive changes you want. With her guidance, you can free yourself of the limiting beliefs blocking the things that you want in life. When this shift takes place it will open a world of possibilities. “You begin to live in your truth and when you do that, life just begins to flow from the inside out. You owe it to yourself to find your truth and work with it as a foundation for strength, power, and ultimately your happiness.” Contact Gina

Anne Plath

AnnePlathAnne is a certified Core Alignment Wellness Coach. Her interest in coaching was sparked in 2008 when she enrolled in the Centerpointe Research Institute’s Life Principals Integration Process program where she was introduced to Kate Michels and Core Alignment. Anne knew this was what she wanted to do going forward and in 2010 she entered into the Core Alignment Training program. Anne is also very interested in Holistic health and coaching others to have the most excellent well-being ever. She has learned from the best teachers and continues to seek out information to help people with health challenges. Anne is very curious by nature and will gather information on any topic. “I am very resourceful, and what attracts me to Core Alignment are the questions asked that help lead me to my truth. I have grown so much over the last two years and am very excited to help others find their truth.” Contact Anne


Aysha Strausbaugh


AyshaStrausbaughAysha is a Core Alignment Coach specializing in Making Miracles Coaching for bonding before birth. After two years of Core Alignment Training and three years of Core Alignment Coaching her specialization focuses on being calm, peaceful, relaxed and resourceful throughout pregnancy, which has a powerful impact on the entire lives of everyone involved. Aysha has been naturally coaching people all of her life. Core Alignment Coaching prior, during and after her pregnancy with her miraculous daughter made such a difference in her own life, and the lives of those around her, that Aysha was inspired to be there for others. “Making Miracles Coaching is based on the core beliefs that motivate all of us to be our best from conception throughout life.” Contact Aysha

Bahia Yackzan

BahiaYackzanBahia has seen, heard and experienced Core Alignment being tried and tested by great skeptics, of which she was once one. Now she can be found speaking of manifestations of real life hopes and dreams through Core Alignment practices, such as deepening gratitude that leads to opening doors that our hearts truly need or want to shine through. With a diverse background, Bahia has now sculpted her life to be available to coach others in Core Alignment because she believes in it, and because her happiest days are when she lives in Core Alignment. “I am happy to assist you in sharpening your own tools that serve you well, supporting you in ceasing that which no longer serves your life, and witnessing your moving into practices that benefit yourself as well as others.” Contact Bahia 

Dr. Beverlee Taub

BeverlyTaubDr. Bev is a trusted Relationship Intensive Specialist and Authentic Transformation Coach to a worldwide clientele of dynamic, success-focused individuals and couples. Her mastery in this sensitive area spans over 40 years and is founded on a broad-based clinical education: dual doctorates in Counseling Psychology, Communication Theory, and Human Sexuality; Advanced Coach Training with Erickson International University; Core Alignment, Dream Coach University; and the Executive Coaching Institute. Her specialization training and certifications include Imago Relationship Therapist, Hakomi Practitioner, PAIRS Psycho-Educator, LPIP Psycho-Educator, and much more. Despite her extensive credentials, Dr. Bev is never lofty or judgmental. She combines passionate support, insight, and wisdom with unique tools for transformation, such as creative-expressive activities (Ther-a-play). “We will get down in the trenches of the difficulty or challenge you – or you and your partner – are facing, and find a resourceful solutionor a new truth about who you are as a person or a couple.”  Contact Dr. Bev 

Peggy Reynolds

PeggyReynoldsPeggy is a Core Alignment Coach specializing in life’s major transitions, especially health related.  Her experience of over 30 years as a Registered Nurse, and her personal physical challenge of overcoming paralysis from a spinal cord injury, has inspired Peggy to investigate anything that could help her healing. She found that increased awareness and consciousness brings about healing and that Core Alignment Coaching is one of the best ways to access this awareness with the help of a supportive, understanding, compatible, and knowledgeable coach.  She is trained in the Art and Science of Coaching at Erickson College; Core Alignment Coaching with Kate Michels; Emotional Freedom Therapy; and Access Consciousness. Peggy’s passion is finding ways to rapidly overcome challenges in life and in health for herself and her clients. “Core Alignment Coaching has helped me to be more centered, aware, hopeful, and inspired, and I am looking forward to empowering others with these skills.” Contact Peggy

Melissa Maguire

MelissaSchenkMelissa has been a certified Master Coach for 13 years. She was trained at the Academy for Coach Training where she realized how discovering her values changed her life. She was also trained in Relationship Coaching from Coachville. After working with clients for years and not seeing the desired results in deeper understanding of self, Melissa was introduced to Core Alignment Coaching by Kate Michels. While taking the course, she realized these were just the tools she needed to take her clients to the next level. Core Alignment addresses old beliefs and fears in a way that brings them to the surface so they can be released.  My clients have passion for life and want to uncover the blocks to happiness. Identifying their values through Core Alignment Coaching results in a life of purpose and joy!” Contact Melissa



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