The Wondrous Movement Of Core Alignment

Tele-Conference Begins

Thursday  9/19/19-12/19/19 

1(248) 794-1090 | 8872711#

5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET

Limited Space Available

During this Neuro Linguistic Program course, you and your client will dive deep into the core of who you really are and what is truly possible when the conscious, subconscious and unconscious align. Through this information there will come an awareness of the conflicts that are running under the surface that tend to create obstacles to our manifestation. When we move from awareness to acceptance then we all awaken to more of what is really possible. There will be neuron paths The Body, Heart and Mindcreated that will override the programming which life’s events, incidents and accidents have installed from our feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

Accessing and becoming more familiar with our subconscious guards and gatekeepers will shift what has limited us, into what was designed to motivate us. The values that drive us are brought to the surface, and our ability to express ourselves with more clarity, convinces us that what we want is really possible. Then, with focus, we continue to move toward mastery with ease and grace. As coach or as client, the resourcefulness gathered really will make a very big difference as we train ourselves to respond to our emotions from a wiser place.

This course includes 10 Neuro Linguistic Programming Scripts creating clarity, discovering breakthroughs and assigning action steps for achieving success. These advanced Neuro Linguistic Core Alignment Coaching processes support clients in wondrous movement from awareness of the present, acceptance of their past and awakening to their future.  During this course you will do practices that support clients in realigning their belief structure to stand in the essence of who they were born to be.   Clients will become familiar with the guards and gatekeepers of their life that have limited them and motivated them.  This program will give your clients the confidence to share with the world more of who they truly are from their core.  

Class Begins Thursday 9/19/2019 through 12/19/2019

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