Upcoming Course: Clarity Connection

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JOIN US – Thursday, October 4, 2018
12 Classes – Thursday Evenings
5:00pm PST | 8:00pm EST

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Connect, Communicate, Create! Do you have everything you want? Are you doing what really matters to you? Is your career and lifestyle filling you with gratitude?

Simple and easy Core Alignment NLP Coaching Processes and Tools can be applied to truly get you more of what you want in your business, your relationships and your life. The principles, processes and practices taught and shared in this 12-week course will transform and transition you into greater success and create awareness and acceptance to align clients so that they respond in more resourceful ways.

This course creates neuron paths that allow people to live a life aligned with their core purpose, and thus an attitude of gratitude naturally evolves in their lives. Using scripts that have been carefully constructed with NLP principals, makes this course applicable for beginning, advance coaches and all others who are ready to step into more of what they want, and show up more masterfully in their lives.

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Click here for a sample of what you will learn.

These transformational conversations will take you and your clients through steps for creating clarity, setting intentions, gaining assistance, removing resistance, stepping into purpose, recognizing core values and stating what is truly important at the core level.

You and your clients achieve more of what is wanted, more of what really matters, and a life filled with gratitude.

Here are some comments from past graduates:
“This program totally transformed my business. I was a practicing Certified Life Coach and was unable to build my business. During this 10 weeks I became a Certified NLP Coach and with this professionalism I went from 2 clients to 8 well paying clients. I now know what to do to get what I want and how to ask for it.”
“After just one session I knew that I wanted to be a Core Alignment Specialist, this styles is so different, so complex yet so simple at the same time.”
“A natural attitude of gratitude comes easily when you know how to ask for what you really want because you usually get it, I know I do now and my clients share how now they do too.”

Contact Kate Now to Sign Up
Email: kate@corealignmentcoaching.com
Phone: (503) 939-9675

Live Interview with Marcelle Voomz

“I feel to inspired and expanded after a conversation I just had with Kate Michels. You can watch it here.” – Marcelle Voomz

Being able to share the 5 Steps to Success with Marcelle Voomz in her discussion series was amazing and being asked to do a new interview to present the techniques further, is a tribute to our alignment in bringing the tools to help others in overcoming the obstacles we perceive in our lives. I’m sharing Marcelle’s invitation to you to watch here on my site.

More from Marcelle: You may also remember Kate from the “CREATE DON’T WAIT” interviews series and I was thrilled when she was open to coming back and diving deeper with me.

She dives into her 5 steps to Success (aka Manifesting, aka Making Miracles Happen) as well as beautifully articulates techniques from her unbelievable toolbox to help free us from the barriers and issues we all come up against that can keep us stuck.”  – Marcelle Voomz

Visit Marcelle’s Facebook page to learn more about her work.

Watch the Interview Here!

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